Top 8 Reasons RevU Is The Best Offerwall Option For Your Desktop Game


Are you looking to expand your mobile game to desktop? Or are you rolling out a brand-new game on desktop?

Integrating an offerwall can be a great way to monetize your game if you’re accustomed to using ads in-app.

It’s important to note that not all desktop offerwalls are created equal. When evaluating a potential offerwall provider it’s important to ask questions such as:

  • What eCPMs can I expect?
  • Does this offerwall provide a variety of advertisers that are a fit for my audience?
  • Is this offerwall customizable to my game?
  • Is this offerwall usable to players globally?
  • What types of campaigns are supported by this offerwall?

Answering these questions can help you evaluate whether the desktop offerwall has legitimate money-making potential for you. You don’t want to invest valuable time and resources integrating an offerwall that isn’t appealing to your users and doesn’t convert well.

Why is RevU the Best Offerwall for Desktop

RevU has been a leader in the desktop offerwall space for over 15 years. During this time, we’ve honed our offerwall to provide publishers with a high-converting offerwall that offers a positive user experience for players. Below are the top reasons RevU is the best offerwall monetization option for publishers:

1. Breadth and variety of advertisers

One of the biggest advantages of RevU’s offerwall is the variety and quality of advertisers. Variety is key to ensuring you have offers that will appeal to your audience. RevU has a network of 700+ advertisers from well-known brands who showcase a variety of offers including free trials and surveys. This means regardless of your audience demographic, there are appealing offers available to them.

2. Global reach

Many offerwalls are only available in the US, which severely limits reach and revenue potential if a portion of your audience is abroad. Unlike most of the competition, RevU’s offerwall is available globally so all your players have access to participate. Some of our top markets include:

  • UK
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Russia
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand

Our extensive reach means more revenue potential for games with a global user base.

3. Excellent user experience on desktop

A great user experience is essential to getting players to engage with the offerwall. An offerwall that feels seamless, streamlined, and easy-to-navigate increases user satisfaction and the potential for conversions. RevU offers an industry-leading user experience, which is part of the reason why 90% of users prefer RevU to other offerwalls (RevU offerwall user survey, 2019).

Among the features that make RevU’s offerwall stand out are:

  • Filtering options: RevU’s offerwall provides the option for users to filter based on the types of offers they’re interested in. This user-friendly feature saves time and hassle and increases offer conversions.
  • Customizable look and feel: The offerwall can be customized to your brand’s look and feel for a more seamless user experience. You can customize the offerwall colors and icons according to the game currency used (e.g. gems, dollars, etc.). This seamless user experience increases player engagement.
  • Showcase top offers: To further entice and engage users, the offerwall API allows you to surface the top ten offers on your homepage. This creates more exposure for the offerwall and advertisers.

Learn more about RevU’s recently updated user experience here.

5. Increased engagement with contests

Getting players to engage with the offerwall and convert is key for publishers. RevU encourages player engagement and higher LTV through the availability of contests. For example, publishers can run a contest in which the top 100 users of the offerwall get a prize at the end of the month. In many cases, contests have driven a 2.3X increase in average daily revenue and over a 1,000% increase in overall revenue during the promotion period. Please reach out for more information or case study examples.

6. Strong eCPMs

An offerwall’s eCPM (estimated revenue per thousand impressions) gives you an estimate of the revenue you can expect after implementation. The higher the eCPM, the more revenue you’ll make. RevU offers eCPMs up to $2,000 on both desktop and mobile and has 2.2M unique monthly customers in the US alone. Our strong volumes help ensure your offerwall is profitable for you.

7. Campaign variety

Some offerwalls may restrict the types of campaigns you can run – especially on iOS. This can be limiting for you and potentially lead to lower conversions. With the RevU offerwall, you can run a variety of campaigns on both android and iOS. This helps marketers attain the campaign goal they’re looking for and significantly boosts your revenue potential.

8. Easy integration

Integrating the RevU offerwall on desktop is simple. Similar to the process to integrate on mobile, publishers use a web link instead of an SDK. This relieves developers from a time-consuming SDK integration and also doesn’t require the ongoing maintenance of an SDK due to updates rolling out automatically.

If you already use RevU for your mobile app, you can use the same postback to make the integration even simpler. All you need to do is setup a new offerwall ID. There is no extra charge to setup the offerwall on desktop.

Our publishers benefit from

Whether you’re looking to implement your first desktop offerwall or add a new offerwall to your existing lineup, RevU is your solution for a high-quality offerwall that converts.

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