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How to Optimize Your Offerwall Traffic and Placements

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September 14, 2023
Tanner Hanson
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When it comes to monetizing your mobile app or game, offerwalls present an exciting opportunity for driving revenue. Not only are offerwalls a great way to increase your earnings, they are also highly effective at increasing the lifetime value (LTV) of users by monetizing non-payers. The key is to ensure your offerwall is visible and accessible to encourage engagement. Keep reading for tips on how to optimize your offerwall’s placement in your app.

Step 1: Optimize store placements

Key metric to optimize for: Total Revenue Per Store Open

The first step in maximizing your offerwall's impact is to strategically place it within your in-app purchase (IAP) store. Consider how prominent the offerwall should be within the store – should it be placed above the IAP SKUs or below? RevU’s A/B testing can help you determine optimal placement. 

While enhancing the visibility of the offerwall is crucial, you must also ensure that it doesn't cannibalize your IAP store. Strike a balance between driving sales within the IAP store and making the offerwall easily discoverable. You can even experiment with a pop-up that offers users free rewards for interacting with the offerwall, but be cautious not to overwhelm them.

Step 2: Configure dynamic placements

Key Metric: LTV lift of exposed segment

In addition to optimizing offerwall placement in your IAP store, dynamic placements present an opportunity to further increase traffic to your offerwall. For example, when a user needs additional hard currency, they can be presented with an in-app notification that gives them the opportunity to engage with the offerwall. This helps retain users who may have otherwise quit without the option to earn rewards for free from the offerwall. 

To further configure your dynamic placements, you can segment players based on their payment behavior and only target non-payers with in-app notifications. This way you can continue to benefit from IAP store purchases from paying users while also monetizing non-payers. 

To maximize the effectiveness of your dynamic placements, it’s beneficial to consider integrating an offerwall such as RevU for high-paying offers with quick payouts. This can entice users to engage with the offerwall and earn rewards quickly vs. waiting weeks to earn their rewards via lengthy offers, which in turn makes it more likely that they’ll continue playing your game. 

Step 3: Home screen placements

Key Metric: Incremental ARPDAU

Placing your offerwall on the homescreen can maximize visibility to all users. This placement ensures that a large number of users are exposed to the offerwall, enhancing user engagement. Keep in mind that you may see degradation of some metrics such as revenue per click or impression as more people are exposed to the offerwall, however your key metric of incremental revenue per daily active user should increase.

Step 4: Customize offers to your audience via BrandConnect 

Key Metric: Revenue per BrandConnect offer, LTV lift for targeted segment

Once you’ve optimized your offerwall placement, it’s time to transition to offer optimization. RevU’s publisher dashboard gives you transparency into offer performance so you know exactly which offers resonate with your audience. These insights can be leveraged via BrandConnect, which enables you to collaborate with your highest-performing advertisers to develop custom offers for your audience. The ability to hyper-customize offers can create a sizable lift in engagement and revenue. Contact your RevU account team for information on BrandConnect partnerships.

Step 5: Continual testing and optimization

Key Metric: Incremental revenue

The process doesn't end with initial implementation. Constantly test and optimize your offerwall placement and strategy to ensure ongoing profitability. Experiment with different placements and dynamic triggers to understand which strategies yield the best results. Utilize platforms like RevU to quickly create and analyze new placements, allowing you to make data-driven decisions for optimal performance. Simply compare the unique offerwall ID’s to determine which use cases outperform. 


In summary, increasing offerwall traffic requires a combination of store placement optimization, configuring dynamic placements, home screen placement, and offer customization. Continual testing of your placements will help ensure that your offerwall strategy is optimal for your game. Ultimately, this will help your offerwall generate more revenue and will lead to a more rewarding and valuable user experience.

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