The industry’s most advanced and diverse offerwall

With direct-to-consumer, brand, app, and survey-based campaigns to boost and diversify revenues.

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Maximize reach across platforms

Access new audiences with desktop-to-mobile and CPE for iOS.

Only pay for results

Optimize profit with advanced targeting and bidding.
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Industry-leading eCPMs

Boost your portfolio's revenue with CPMs up to $1,000.

Simple integration

Integrate RevU in just hours, no downtime.
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About us

A Proven Digital Advertising Platform

RevU is a digital advertising platform that monetizes desktop and mobile applications and sites using a proprietary, lightweight offerwall.

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Average eCPM
Similar performance across iOS & Android devices.
Relationships with leading advertisers.
Properties monetized with direct integrations.
Users believe our offerwall is superior to others.
How it works

RevU Offerwall


Monetization for Mobile Apps and Games

Premium offerwall and survey monetization for mobile apps, games, and websites.

  • 3-4x revenue on iOS when compared to competitors
  • 18 years of offerwall expertise and advertiser development
  • Strong global demand and tools to monetize all geos
  • Managed offerwalls combined with algorithms for best results
  • Lightweight platform with a simple integration and no SDK required


Massive reach

Our platform has millions of unique users in the US, and tens of millions of users globally.

Access to virtually every demographic

With our unique lineup of publishers, no market is out of reach.

Only pay for results

You only pay for the action you are looking for, we never work on a CPM basis.

Highly Scalable

With millions of daily users, we can deliver large amounts of new customers in a short period of time.


Offerwall Integrations

RevU is the premium offerwall for mobile app and desktop publishers. We offer straightforward integrations with state-of-the-art technology and simple developer documentation.

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Our App Integrations are supported on iOS, Android, Unity and virtually all other platforms! We offer both SDK and non-SDK based; web url integrations.

Our Offerwall also works exceptionally well, on Desktop as our parent company Revenue Unvierse has been a leader in this space over 18 years! Included are our integration docs for website and desktop applications/games.
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