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How to Pick the Right Event for Your CPE Campaign

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January 30, 2024
Tanner Hanson
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As an advertiser, selecting the right Cost Per Engagement (CPE) event is crucial to ensure a successful and cost-effective campaign. The ideal CPE event allows a high volume of users to try your game while only paying for engaged, high-value customers. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of picking and optimizing the conversion point for your CPE campaigns, helping you maximize your placement on offerwalls, and attracting the best users to your mobile game.

How does CPE work?

In a CPE campaign, advertisers choose a specific event or action within their mobile game that they consider a meaningful engagement. These events can vary depending on the game's mechanics, goals, and monetization strategy. When users browse the offerwall and come across a CPE offer, they have the option to accept it. By accepting the offer, users agree that they’ll earn a reward upon completion of the event.  

Advertisers are only charged when users successfully complete the CPE event within the game. Payment is typically based on a predefined rate agreed upon between the advertiser and the offerwall provider. The cost of engagement can vary depending on the complexity and value of the action performed by the user.

What’s the difference between CPE and CPI?

Cost per engagement (CPE) and cost per install (CPI) are two distinct pricing models used in mobile game advertising, each with its own advantages and use cases. CPE allows advertisers to pay for specific user engagements such as completing a certain level, reaching a milestone, making an in-app purchase, spending a specific amount of time in the game, or participating in special events. On the other hand, CPI focuses on driving app installations to increase visibility and user base. 

CPE campaigns are beneficial for advertisers who want to attract high-value, engaged users with a wide net. Unlike CPI, CPE requires the player to advance to a predetermined point in the game, ensuring that the player is fully engaged and thus more likely to become a retained player before the advertiser is billed for that acquisition. 

How to pick the right CPE event 

Picking the right CPE event is key to profitable incentivized campaigns. A well-chosen event ensures many users can try your game but allows you to only pay for engaged, high-value customers. 

Picking an event for IAP games vs. ad monetized games

For IAP games, analyze your data and identify the point at which point players typically make their first purchase. Aim to select a CPE event slightly after this point to encourage more users to make a purchase and experience the value of in-game currency before you have to pay for their acquisition. 

For ad-monetized games, the focus shifts to retention. Examine the retention curve and determine when it begins to flatten — users who pass that point continue to log in and engage with your game regularly. Choose a CPE event that occurs after this point to build engagement and familiarity with your game for the long term.

Core events vs. meta game events

When considering CPE events, it's helpful to distinguish between core events and meta game events. Core events are linear and revolve around specific milestones or levels in the core loop of the game, such as "Complete Level 100." While core events are straightforward and easy to understand, they may not be suitable for all types of games.

On the other hand, meta game events involve activities beyond the core gameplay and often relate to in-game economy or progression. These events can be more engaging and encourage users to explore various aspects of the game. For instance, "Remodel the Library" may be a key turning point at which players are more likely to stay in the game, so you select this as your engagement event. Testing both core and meta game events can help you identify which resonates better with your target audience and generates higher conversions.

Optimizing and troubleshooting your CPE campaign

Optimization is key to ensuring your CPE event is successful. Once you’ve implemented your event, you’ll want to monitor and analyze the data to determine whether you’ve chosen the right event for your goals. 

CPE campaigns provide valuable data insights into user behavior and preferences. Advertisers can analyze the performance of various engagement events and optimize their campaigns accordingly. A data-driven approach allows for continuous improvement, ensuring that the campaign targets the right users with the most effective events.

For example, If your data shows low retention rates after event completion, you may want to opt for a deeper event or select a less linear event that leads to more extended engagement.


CPE campaigns are a great way to attract engaged, high-value users to your mobile game. By distinguishing between core and meta events, and IAP vs. ad monetized apps, you find a CPE event that is optimal for your app. Testing and optimization will help you to develop deeper insights about your players and enable you to confirm whether the event you’ve chosen delivers the best ROI.

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