RevU contributes to 323% Lift in IMVU Offerwall Revenue over Memorial Day Weekend


IMVU is the world’s largest 3D social metaverse, where millions of global users customize their avatars and explore 40,000+destinations to connect with each other through chat and events. IMVU began using RevU’s Offerwall on its desktop application in 2016, and now uses it on both desktop and mobile. In an effort to further enhance the relationship, IMVU and RevU recently partnered to develop promos to maximize revenue during key dates throughout the year.

Strategy & Goals

Leverage the new and enhanced RevU+ Offerwall with an exclusive 3X PromoCampaign to drive increased awareness, engagement, and revenue.

Campaign Elements

These four campaign elements, customized with RevU branding, drove users directly to the RevU+ Offerwalland generated almost 150,000 visits over the promotional period!

Campaign Results

IMVU saw a 323% Lift in offerwall revenue!

3X promotion campaign that ran over the weekend resultedin a 323% lift in revenue compared with the previous 6 days before the launch of the promotion.

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