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Publisher Featured Offer API

Publisher Featured Offer API

About the API

Once you have an offerwall setup, we offer an API that allows you to retrieve on demand top offers for an individual user, that can be displayed natively in your game/app.

This is a unique API that piggybacks off of your offerwall integration to offer a curated selection of top offers based the individual users history.  This is an on-demand API and the data should not be stored and showed to the user at a later point.

In order to access the API, you must have already created and setup your offerwall in our portal here.

API Call

Here is the template API call.  The call should be done client side to ensure the users IP is detected, or it will not return any results.

2. Variables

  • wall: This should be the wall ID of your integration.  This is available in your account here.
  • uid: This should unique user ID of the user you are fetching offers for.
  • numoffers: This should be a numerical value between 1-100 with the amount of offers that you would like to be returned.
  • device (optional): This should be “desktop”, “ios”, or “android”, and should only be used if the call is server side, since detection is done automatically on the client side.
  • ip (optional): This should be the users IPv4 address, and should only be used if the call is server side, since detection is done automatically on the client side.


Your call will return the following data points:

  • cid: Campaign ID in RevU portal.
  • name: Name of offer.
  • description: Description of the offer.
  • terms: Requirements to receive the reward.
  • reporting: The maximum time window it will take users to receive their reward.
  • currency_award: Amount of currency awarded based on offerwall setup.
  • offer_url:  URL of the offer for that specific user.
  • image_url: URL of a square image for the offer.


The data returned can be displayed to users natively in your game/app.

“Description” and “Terms” are in user facing language, and contain important information that must be displayed to the user so they know the requirements to receive their reward.

The “offer_url” is customized for the specific user the API call is for, based on your offerwall integration, and should not be edited.

The users award will be distributed via the postback that is setup for your offerwall once they have completed it.