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Publisher API Reporting

Publisher API Reporting

Initial Setup

We offer an API that your system can call daily to retrieve revenue statistics.

In order to access the API, you must have already created and setup your offerwall in our portal.  Once you have done so, you will have the option to retrieve the API key for your account on this page.  Please ensure you are using your account API Key and not the individual offerwall API key.

API Call

Here is the template link your server should call:

2. Variables

  • key: This should be the API Key available in your account
  • grouping: This should be “total” or “country”. “total” returns the results of all traffic to your account, while “country” breaks down the results on an individual country level.
  • start_date: This should be the start date of the period of time you are retrieving  data for in the format of  YYYY-MM-DD.
  • end_date: This should be the end date of the period of time you are retrieving  data for in the format of  YYYY-MM-DD.
  • (optional) &breakdown=wall: This parameter breaks down the statistics by each individual offerwall, rather than your entire account.


Your call will return the following data points:

  • wall: ID number of the offerwall (only returned if breakdown=wall is appended)
  • country: Country (only returned when “country” is selected as grouping=)
  • impressions: Number of impressions for specified time period
  • clicks: Number of clicks for specified time period
  • leads: Number of conversions for specified time period
  • ecpm: Average eCPM for specified time period
  • revenue:  Revenue for specified time period
  • daily_active_users: Number of active users that have earned revenue in specified time period
  • average_revenue_per_user: Average revenue per user that has earned revenue in specified time period