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Tap into RevU’s offerwall platform with access to 600+ publishers and global reach across all operating systems and devices.

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Why RevU is the right partner

Only pay for results

Maximize your advertising budget with action-based campaigns. We operate on a CPI or CPE basis, you only pay for direct results.

Expand your reach

Pull desktop users into your mobile ecosystem with cross-platform campaigns. Find engaged players globally with low risk. Access exclusive publishers with custom integrations.

Optimize your ROI

Granularly optimize your campaigns by bidding on individual publishers and their properties, giving you full control.

Integrated with MMPs for secure tracking

RevU is integrated with the top mobile measurement partners including Appsflyer, Singular, Adjust, and Kochava. We also offer custom S2S integrations for complex tracking needs.

Future-proofed for privacy changes

RevU relies on minimal user-level identifiers, allowing advertisers to keep their userbases growing while the mobile and web attribution landscapes shifts.

How it works

RevU Offerwall

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