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15 Essential Questions to Ask A Potential Offerwall Partner

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December 20, 2023
Michael Lundberg
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Selecting the right offerwall partner is a big decision that can significantly impact your app's monetization. The choice influences not only your revenue but also the overall user experience. To make an informed decision, it's essential to ask the right questions when considering potential offerwall partners.

In this blog post, we'll guide you through 15 crucial questions to pose during the evaluation process. From the types of offers provided to the level of customization and security measures, these questions aim to ensure that your chosen partner aligns seamlessly with your app's goals and your users' expectations.

1. What types of offers do you provide?

When evaluating a potential offerwall partner, it's essential to understand the variety of offers they provide. Some of the most common offer types include:

  • Brand offers: Include subscriptions, free trials, app install offers etc. You’ll want to review the types of brands available on the offerwall to ensure they’re a fit for your audience.
  • Gaming offers: Include offers to download a new gaming app or reach a specified level of a game.
  • Survey offers: Surveys are an effective way to engage users while providing valuable insights into their preferences and behaviors. Surveys are one type of offer provided on the RevU offerwall.

Diversified offers cater to a broader audience, potentially increasing engagement and revenue.

2. How do you ensure offer relevance?

Relevant offers are crucial for a positive user experience. Ask about the partner's methods for ensuring that the presented offers align with user interests and preferences. For example, the ability to sort and filter offers is a great way for users to find things that are relevant to them, helping to keep them to stay engaged in the app longer.

3. What is your user base demographic?

Understanding the demographics of the offerwall provider's user base is key. Ensure that their user demographics align with your app's target audience. This alignment is vital for effective monetization and user engagement. Types of criteria you’ll want to have a better understanding of include:

  • Age groups
  • Geographical location
  • Purchasing behavior
  • Device preferences
  • Gender distribution
  • User engagement patterns

4. How do you handle ad fraud and security?

As you explore potential offerwall partners, understanding how they address these issues is critical to safeguarding both users and the integrity of your app. Here are key aspects to consider when evaluating partners:

  • Fraud prevention measures: Ask about the specific measures the offerwall partner has in place to prevent ad fraud. This could include advanced algorithms, machine learning, or manual review processes to detect and mitigate fraudulent activities.
  • Verification processes: Ask about the partner's verification processes for advertisers and the offers they provide. A robust verification system ensures that the offers presented to users are legitimate, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities.
  • Transparency: A trustworthy offerwall partner should be transparent about their efforts to combat ad fraud. Seek information on how they communicate with advertisers and publishers regarding potential fraudulent activities, ensuring a collaborative approach to maintaining a secure environment.

By delving into these aspects, you ensure that your chosen offerwall partner not only prioritizes the security of user interactions but also actively works to prevent and address potential fraudulent activities, promoting a secure and trustworthy environment for both users and advertisers.

5. How do I integrate?

Explore the integration process offered by the partner. Assess the flexibility and simplicity of the integration method, recognizing that the type of integration chosen can markedly influence the speed of implementation.

Take, for instance, the RevU offerwall, which features an SDK-less integration with the use of a web link. This method offers a quicker integration than a typical SDK. Additionally, updates pass through automatically, eliminating the need for manual SDK updates. This approach is particularly advantageous for publishers seeking a swift and streamlined integration without the need for ongoing maintenance.

6. What reporting tools do you offer?

Effective analytics and reporting tools are essential for optimizing your app's revenue and understanding user behavior. When considering an offerwall partner, inquire about the reporting tools they provide. Here are key aspects to hone in on:

  • Data granularity: Assess the granularity of the data provided by the reporting tools. The more detailed the insights, the better equipped you are to make informed decisions. Look for tools that offer a comprehensive view of user interactions, conversion rates, and revenue metrics.
  • Real-time reporting: Inquire about the real-time reporting capabilities of the tools. Real-time data allows you to react promptly to changes in user behavior or offer performance, enabling agile decision-making for your app's monetization strategy.
  • Customization: Explore whether the reporting tools allow for customization. Tailoring reports to focus on specific metrics or time frames relevant to your app's goals enhances the usability of the analytics, providing actionable insights.

7. Is the user experience customizable?

Customizing the user experience within the offerwall contributes to a seamless integration with your app and enhances overall user satisfaction. Here are aspects to consider when exploring the customization options:

  • Placement options: Explore the flexibility in placing the offerwall within your app. Different app designs may benefit from varied placements, and a customizable offerwall allows you to experiment and find the optimal location for user engagement.
  • Personalization features: Ask about features that enable personalization of the user experience. This could include tailoring the types of offers presented based on user preferences or providing personalized recommendations.

By asking these questions, you ensure that the reporting tools align with your app's analytics needs and that the offerwall's customization options cater to your specific branding and user experience requirements.

8. Do I get an account manager?

Having a dedicated account representative can greatly enhance communication and support. Inquire about the availability of an account representative. A reliable support system is crucial for addressing issues promptly and maintaining a healthy partnership.

9. How do you handle payment?

Discuss the partner's payment process and revenue-sharing model. Clarity on financial matters is essential for a transparent and successful partnership. Understand the payment terms and how revenue is shared between you and the offerwall provider. Some key areas to discuss include:

  • Payment frequency
  • Payment methods
  • Payment reporting

By thoroughly understanding how payments are handled, you can establish a transparent and mutually beneficial financial relationship with your offerwall partner. This clarity contributes to a strong partnership, allowing you to focus on optimizing user engagement and maximizing revenue.

10. What is your average eCPM?

Understanding the average eCPM (effective cost per mille) provides insights into the potential revenue you can generate. Ask about the partner's average eCPM to gauge the financial benefits of integrating their offerwall into your app.

11. Can you share case studies?

Requesting case studies allows you to gain insights into the partner's track record with other developers. Ask for examples of successful partnerships or case studies that showcase the effectiveness of their offerwall in similar scenarios.

12. How many publishers/advertisers use your offerwall?

Understanding the partner's market presence is important. Inquire about the number of publishers and advertisers currently using their offerwall. A significant user base of publishers indicates trust and reliability within the industry while a large user base of advertisers ensures your users will have a greater variety of offers to choose from.

13. Does your offerwall work on iOS?

Given the prevalence of iOS users, it's crucial to ensure compatibility. Ask about the compatibility of the offerwall on iOS devices to ensure a seamless experience for Apple users. The RevU offerwall is a great choice for publishers looking to monetize on iOS and features iOS eCPMs up to $1,000.

14. Does your offerwall work on desktop and mobile?

Consider the versatility of the offerwall. Inquire about its compatibility on both desktop and mobile platforms. Especially if you have a game that is available on both desktop and mobile, you’ll want to be sure you can monetize across both devices. A flexible offerwall that caters to various devices allows for a wider reach and engagement.

15. How long have you been in business?

The longevity of a business often reflects its reliability and stability. Inquire about the partner's business tenure. A well-established offerwall provider is more likely to have experience, industry knowledge, and a proven track record.

RevU has been a leader in the offerwall space for 18+ years and has direct, established partnerships with top advertisers. Our experience and longevity in the industry enables us to offer a top-tier offerwall to our publishers.


Choosing the ideal offerwall partner goes beyond a transactional relationship—it's a strategic decision that shapes the trajectory of your app's success. By asking these essential questions, you empower yourself to make informed choices that align with your app's unique needs. Remember, the right partner should not only enhance your app's monetization strategy but also contribute to a positive user experience.

The RevU offerwall is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a partner with extensive industry experience, attractive eCPMs, a high-quality advertiser network, quick integration, and strong performance on iOS. Contact us today to learn more.

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