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Benefits of Adding Revu Alongside an Existing Offerwall

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June 13, 2023
Tanner Hanson
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If you’re looking to maximize the revenue of your gaming app, adding multiple offerwalls is a great solution.

Many publishers don’t realize how much they have to gain from multiple offerwalls. They may think they can’t integrate multiple offerwalls for reasons including:

  • Revenue cannibalization across offerwalls
  • Lengthy process to integrate
  • Offers will be too similar

This thinking is outdated and leads to a missed opportunity for more revenue and a better player experience with higher retention.

There are several advantages to adding the RevU offerwall alongside your existing offerwall. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Broaden your offerwall advertising options

Many offerwalls feature a limited selection of offers, and typically only provide gaming offers. For this offer type, players are rewarded for playing and spending a certain amount of time on another game. This risks a certain amount of user churn since the player may enjoy the new game so much that they don’t return to the previous one.

Player churn isn’t a risk with RevU’s offerwall, which features brand offers instead of gaming offers. For example, players can choose to fill out a survey or to sign up for a service. These offers have high payouts and quick conversion times, giving players large rewards fast so they continue playing the game and generating revenue for you.

With so much offer variety, players are more likely to find and complete offers that appeal to them, putting more money in your pocket. Variety also means players can find relevant offers regardless of their interests and demographics.

More offer variety leads to a better user experience for your players. Players are more likely to complete appealing offers and stay in the game longer when they have more options.

The RevU offerwall features a wide variety of offers from 700+ top brands including:

 brands logos

2. Integrate fast with no ongoing maintenance

Unlike other offerwalls that require a time-consuming SDK integration, RevU’s non-SDK integration can be completed in as little as a few hours. RevU uses a web link integration that requires very little developer time and resources. Not only is the integration fast and easy, it also eliminates the need for ongoing maintenance since offerwall updates pass through automatically without the need to update the SDK. With such quick integration and no maintenance, you don’t have to worry about taking up valuable developer time and resources.

3. Double or triple your offerwall revenue

You can expect to see a sizable increase in your overall offerwall revenue by adding RevU. In fact, our publishers typically see an increase between 150% – 500%. For publishers with a stronger US iOS or Android presence the uplift is even stronger since RevU’s US and English speaking offers provide some of the highest payouts and eCPMs.  

Below are examples of the eCPMs you can expect in English speaking geo’s (*subject to fluctuations in seasonality):

  • Casual & Mid-core games (virtual goods apps, story apps) – $375 eCPM
  • Strategy Games (Idle Games, etc.) – $450 to $1,250 eCPM
  • Loyalty Apps & Games  – $425 to $2,200 eCPM

In other regions (Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, etc.) developers can expect between $60 – $125 eCPMs.  

RevU’s diverse advertiser options give your players more choices for offers, so when they’ve exhausted all the relevant offers on one offerwall, they can switch to the other offerwall to continue earning game currency. This enables your players to stay in the game much longer than they would have otherwise.

Additionally, RevU is the only offerwall to give publishers the option of running contests to boost revenue. For example, publishers can run a month-long contest in which the player who completes the most offers wins a prize. These contests are an effective way to grow player engagement with the offerwall and increase your offerwall revenue. One publisher was able to boost their revenue by 323% by running a contest with their offerwall.

4. Diverse Campaigns Bring Strong Revenue to iOS

For years, developers weren’t able to effectively monetize users on iOS with offerwalls, or if they did it was only a fraction of their Android revenue. Today, with the RevU offerwall, publishers are generating the same or more revenue on iOS compared with their Android offerwall revenue. This is because of our direct to consumer campaigns, which represent a large share of the offers and revenue for publishers.

Direct to Consumer Offers are branded campaigns, and they are usually non-gaming apps or service products like Hellofresh, BarkBox, Acorn savings, etc. These are beneficial both because they provide incremental revenue on iOS and also because they are non-game offers, which can often be completed through a sign-up process of a direct-to-consumer service. This keeps users in your games longer, and doesn’t pull users into competitor games. In addition, RevU has a full suite of Survey options that are available globally. Our solution is one of the widest sets of survey options available on mobile globally, because of our direct partnerships with research companies over the last 15 years.

This is exciting news for publishers who are missing out on revenue due to iOS limitations on their existing offerwalls. Our iOS eCPMS in English speaking countries range from $325 eCPM up to $2,000 or more.

For your iOS Offerwall monetization strategy, you’re in good hands with RevU.

5. Expand your reach

Many offerwalls have limitations when it comes to countries where they’re available. This can negatively impact your revenue if you have a strong presence in countries where your offerwall(s) doesn’t operate or has a limited pool of demand. The RevU offerwall has a strong reach in many international markets and is particularly strong in markets including:

  • Canada
  • UK
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Russia
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand

By adding the RevU offerwall, you’re expanding your reach and boosting your revenue potential in markets that may not be reachable with your other offerwalls.

6. No impact to your existing offerwall & no extra SDK to manage

You don’t have to be concerned with negatively impacting your existing offerwall results, adding load times or extra weight to your app. Since integrating the RevU offerwall is done via a weblink, updates happen server side and don’t require manual updates like SDK’s normally do.

RevU will only enhance your current offerwall results by giving your players more options to earn currency and improving the user experience. Ultimately you benefit from players who complete more offers and stay in the game longer.

Why choose RevU?

Even if you already have an existing offerwall, adding the RevU offerwall can significantly increase your mobile game revenue. Quick integration means you don’t have to spend valuable time and resources on a cumbersome development project.

Contact us to learn more!

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